Saturday, February 9, 2013

Average penis volume by race, region and country

Comparing penis volume average from different countries from left to right the longest penis. High average volume, mid average volume and low average volume.

Volume cm3 Race or  Region  Country Denomination
112 Indian Bangladesh Mid average
226 Amerindian Bolivia High average
81 Southeast Asia Cambodia Low average
177 Negroid Congo High average
210 Latino Cuba Mid average
264 Latino Ecuador High average
204 Arabic Egypt Mid average
161 Negroid Ethiopia Low average
236 Caucasian France High average
212 Caucasian Germany Mid average
145 Amerindian Guatemala Low average
85 Indian India Low average
128 Southeast Asia Indonesia High average
112 East Asian Japan Mid average
262 Arabic Lebanon High average
145 Arabic Libya Low average
195 Latino Mexico Low average
163 East Asian Mongolia High average
241 Negroid Nigeria Mid average
71 East Asian North Korea Low average
131 Indian Pakistan High average
182 Amerindian Peru Mid average
175 Caucasian Romania Low average
97 Southeast Asia Thailand Mid average

The highest average penis volume of Africa belong to (Negroid) Nigeria men (241cm3),  
the low average volume of negroid men is found in Ethiopia (161cm3).

The caucasian men with volume average of 236cm3  are from France. At the low volume average Romanian men with 175cm3.

The latin american men with the highest penis volume average (264cm3) are from Ecuador. The low volume averages are found in Mexico (195cm3), Chili and Argentina are count as caucasians.

The Libanese men have the highest penis volume average of the Arab world with 262cm3.
Men from Libya the lowest average of 145cm3.

American indians from Bolivia have the highest penis volume 262cm3. Amerindians from Guatemala the lowest penis volume at 145cm3.

 East asian from Mogolia have the hight penis volume average (163cm3) and North Korea the lowest at (71cm3).

The Indo-caucasian male from Pakistan have the highest penis volume average of that region (131cm3). The Indian male have a low (85cm3) penis volume average.

In Southeast Asia the highest penis volume average belongs to the Indonesian men (128cm3) and Cambodian men the lowest average (81cm3).

Penis size averages by race and region

Studies around the world give astonishing accurate penis averages of races by regions; here is an image illustrating the differences and similarities op the penis.